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I am into this field from past 22 years, I have solved the problems of many clients ,with the help of my trans astral experience. I have my clients all over India and overseas also. For vastu ,I do travel to other parts of India and I have done many vastu projects. I am also into trans astral. Neel Chooksi Astro Divine Solution astrologer - 2. I am active in astrology field since last 20 years. Tips provides by Jyotishdham is very amazing and useful. With help Astrologer Sarbari Bhattacharjee astrologer - 2.

I prepare horoscope with my own mathematical calculations. I can provide day to day readings along with specific astrological guidence. I can provide Astrology Training also.

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Vastu Consultancy astrologer - 2. Build a better life. Welcome to the world of vastu. Make your surroundings the better place to live in anytime everytime.

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Avail our meditational vastu consultancy services today! Mukesh Premji Maru. A Vastu Supreme. No Name astrologer - 2.

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Astrological guidance in career, compatibility with boss, co-worker, in-laws, life partner etc. Shubhom Consultancy astrologer - 2.

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We are proud to introduce ourself as trusted organisation in the field of Vedic Vastu. We offer solutions to various concerns which improves health, wealth, carrier, prosperity and relations. Tarkshastra and signiture analysis are my additional fields of expertise. Neelchooksi Astrodivine Solution astrologer - 2. Neel chooksi astrodivine is branded and popular name in astrology field.

Neel chooksi is well qualified in occult science. We strive to utilize the traditional and profound knowledge of Vedic Astrology and convert its principles and rules into a more precise language which will help in interpreting and analysing the complete range of human emotions, happenings and experiences, which will thereby facilitate in giving the most apt and relevant life trends and suggestions.

Pillai Astrologer astrologer - 2. Aura Concept astrologer - 6. Vishwanath Sharma world renowned astrologer. Sharma is providing also online mantra, remedies, spirit dosh solution, Marriage problem Love or Arranged Family dispute, husband wife dispute, divorce dispute, Etc Kirticorp astrologer - 2.

Predictions Astrogem Boutique astrologer - 2. Energy Matrix Astrology astrologer - 2.

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We are a diffrentiated Astrology service relying on scientific cures and analysis and give you a positive and uplifting reading of Horoscope Kundli. Our goal is to help you discover your inner enegy and confidence and understand your best potential. Indieastro astrologer - 2. Astrology, Numerology, palmistry, gemstone selection, colour therapy, Feng shui consultation.

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We provide a one window solution for most of the astrological needs of our clients using traditional and modern tools and concepts of the vocation. Aastha Astrology astrologer - 2. I am Jyotishbhaskar, and I specialise in Horoscope Reading, mantra therapy, and all types of pooja path. Divination is the quest to understand more about the past,present and future. In other words,Tarot.

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Satya Narayan pooja is one of the best and the easiest way to seek the blessings from the lord Vishnu,. This pooja will help in nullifying doshas,caused by nakshatras and gives healthy and happy life to child. Vastu shanti pooja is performed for vastu purush,lord of directions,five elements of nature to remove negative influence or vastu dosh of the home or office to have a good and happy life. As per hindu astrology,when all the seven planets are hemmed between the shadow of planets rahu and. Vastu Shastra Vastu is a sanskrit word which means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land.

Ramal Shastra Ramal Shastra is a very effective way to find instant answer of any kind of question. Sankhya Shastra The word sankhya means empirical or relating to numbers.

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Corner cut houses also are inauspicious. Your own world of belongings that are created existed and destroyed by the Supreme Current between your own DNA and the Angelic energies around you. Learn the art of boosting the Supreme Current daily. This can be easily done by the hidden capacity of your own heart and mind energies and with the correct know-how of improving supreme current in the circuit of your wish fulfilment.

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The biggest obstacle is your ignorance, wrong belief and lack of faith on this omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, the f behind entire existence. To invoke Supreme Current use the simple and prical Vedic wisdom of affirmations to tune with abundance. Browse more videos. Playing next